2024 Annual Action Plan DRAFT

2024 Annual Action Plan
Submitted By
Clayton County Board of Commissioners

Jeffrey E. Turner
Detrick Stanford
Chief Operating Officer
Linda Boswell, Grants Administrator
Office of Grants Administration

2024 Annual Action Plan

Executive Summary
AP-05 Executive Summary – 24 CFR 91.200(c), 91.220(b)
1. Introduction
Clayton County Office of Grants Administration is the recipient of three annual entitlement grants from HUD which are the CDBG, Home and ESG. CDBG, HOME and ESG funds will be used to serve low-to moderate income individuals and/or families County-wide. Clayton County’s 5-year Consolidated Plan for FY 2023-2027 primarily identifies and addresses HUD’s three (3) priority goals: Decent Housing, Suitable Living Environment and providing Economic Opportunity. The County’s’ ability to attain these goals using CDBG, HOME and ESG funds can be identified through the following performance measures: Decent Housing: The provision of decent housing assists both the homeless and persons at risk of becoming homeless in obtaining housing; retains the existing units in the housing stock; increases the availability of permanent housing in standard condition and at affordable costs to low- and moderate-income families. Decent housing also increases the supply of supportive housing with services needed to enable persons with special needs to live independently and provides affordable housing to low-to- moderate income persons which are accessible to job opportunities. Suitable Living Environment: The provision of a suitable living environment improves the health, safety and livability of neighborhoods through code enforcement; demolition; increased access to quality public and private facilities and services; reduces the isolation of income groups within a community or geographical area by offering housing opportunities for persons of lower income and revitalizes deteriorating or deteriorated neighborhoods and to address an urgent need; restores, enhances, and preserves natural and physical features of special value for historic, architectural or aesthetic reasons; and conserves energy resources. Economic Opportunity: The provision of expanded economic opportunities creates and retains jobs; establishes, stabilizes, and expands small businesses; provides jobs to low income persons; makes available mortgage financing for low income persons at reasonable rates using nondiscriminatory lending practices, provides access to capital and credit for development activities that promote the long-term economic and social viability of the community; and provides empowerment and self-sufficiency opportunities for low income persons to reduce generational poverty in federally-assisted public housing.

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